"Photography, if practiced with high seriousness, is a contest between photographer and the presumptions of approximate and habitual seeing."  – John Szarkowski
George was born in New York City in 1947. His background in fine arts began early, having first emerged on the art scene at the age of four when he won first prize in a national art contest.
He was awarded a full scholarship to study at Syracuse University School of Fine Art. He continued his education at William Paterson College and Pratt Institute Graduate School. Although only pursuing fine art as a part time career, he has over the years won awards and purchase prizes for his serigraphy and pottery.
Excited by the rapidly emerging field of digital imaging, he has in recent years turned his creative vision to photography where George is proud to be the recipient of several local and regional awards. His work appears in corporate, public and private collections and galleries from Tokyo to Los Angeles. His freelance includes several book covers, commission work for magazines, projects for commercial interests and well as non-profit and personal work.
Although his most popular works are his nature and travel images, he is most stimulated by the creative possibilities offered through computer imaging. A member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and a certified Adobe Photoshop expert, George conducts workshops in digital imaging and teaches privately as well. He also volunteers teaching children at the Paterson Youth Photography Project. He lives with his wife, Ruriko, a silk-painter, in Northern New Jersey.
Artist Statement
A quest for essential meaning in everyday scenes
I try to express, with camera and computer, what I can only hint at with words. Through observing, recording and interpreting the visual world, I seek to emphasize the link between personal and universal experiences. My goal as a photographer is not to entertain with pretty pictures. It is to communicate moments from my own experience that have been more substance than shadow; to capture timeless, random moments where routine existence seems to give way to a heightened sensibility.
The texture of peeling paint, the play of sunlight, the enigmatic look on a stranger's face, the subtle interplay of nature's colors; these are examples of visual catalysts that trigger these moments of transcendent clarity. By way of this visual association, I attempt to evoke these moments in my work, hoping that others may find some connection with them.
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